In the heart of Kuwait City, comes Alarabi Sporting club, one of Kuwait's most iconic and successful football clubs. Founded in 1953, the club has established a rich history and a passionate fan base. Al-Arabi SC has consistently been a dominant force in Kuwaiti football, earning numerous domestic titles.


Ensure that the new logo reflects a contemporary and updated image for the club. It should resonate with both current fans and a younger, evolving audience. Modernization can help attract new supporters and sponsors.

Fans Engagement:

Engage fans and strengthen their emotional connection to the club. The logo should resonate with supporters, instilling pride and loyalty.

Alarabi Green #137D3F:

Retained almost in its original shade, the deep green honors the club's longstanding history and its well-established identity. It's a tribute to the club's roots and a symbol of continuity.

Alarabi Lime #3AD922:

This new addition injects a contemporary flair, representing the club’s drive and modern outlook. It's the forward-facing color that symbolizes growth and renewal.

arabic version of the logo
number on jersey
mockup of a van
person wearing a hat
bottle mockup
patched secondary logo
Badges for employees
Logo on posters

Instructor: Joe Boesack