UX Personalization research

Welcome to an exploration aimed to refine the user experience within grocery delivery apps, through strategic personalization. This research focuses on the aspects of the user’s onboarding process, specifically addressing the challenge observed in widely-used applications, such as Instacart, where the "For You" pages often lack personalized coherence, contributing to user dissatisfaction.

Problem Statement:

The user experience within grocery delivery applications faces a pivotal challenge in the form of disorganized and impersonalized "For You" pages. Upon scrutiny of prominent platforms such as Instacart, it becomes evident that the current interface lacks the personalized touch needed to guide users seamlessly. This deficiency not only contributes to user confusion but also diminishes the overall satisfaction of the shopping experience.

Solution Proposal:

By incorporating a set of strategically devised questions during a user's initial interaction with the app, the aim is to systematically collect pertinent data, subsequently leveraging this information to curate a personalized "For You" page. This personalized approach is anticipated to streamline user navigation and enhance overall satisfaction by providing tailored content.


Streamlined Onboarding:
Develop an intuitive onboarding process to facilitate a seamless user experience.Efficient User

Preference Collection:
Employ strategic questions to systematically understand user preferences during

Onboarding Enhanced User Satisfaction:
Elevate user engagement and satisfaction by presenting a clutter-free interface with relevant content.